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Nicole The Designer

About The Designer

My Name Is Nicole Cerritos
I am a veteran currently serving in the Army with 15 years of active duty experience. My plan is to retire from the Army in 5 years and become a full time web designer. My Career in Design began 20 years ago as a graphic design student and tattoo apprentice. I have created many design projects for my Army colleagues and friends. Some of these projects included logos for coins, unit shirts, as well as unit plaques. I have taken several design courses both in a scholastic curriculum and online learning, these courses have made me well qualified in the design industry. My faith in Christ guides my creativity, my values, as well as my desire to serve others. The desire to serve has given me the tools necessary to be successful in the design industry.

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About The Developer

My Name Is Carlos Cerritos
I’m a retired veteran who served honorably in the Army for 26 years. Upon retirement I pursued a career in website design and development and love every bit of it. My Christian faith drives my honesty, quality project accomplishment and morals which are key to my web design organization. I am a top rated web designer and developer, in this site you will find selected pieces of my work ranging from illustration and web design to conceptual art and visualization.

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Faith Web Designers is a Veteran-Owned Web Development Agency. Creating innovative, big ideas and delivering website solutions to Small Businesses as well as Corporations is our motivation. Helping clients share their vision and telling their stories is our goal. Our belief is that “Every Business Deserves A Website”. The services we provide include Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Website Management, and Logo Design.

Experience in Website Design!

We create beautiful and interactive web experiences for awesome companies.


Our designs will take your breath away. Intricate details are the corner stone of all our web design projects.

UI/ UX Designer

Our UI/UX designs will create a pleasing aesthetics and animations that convey your organization’s values and maximize usability.


Our graphic incorporation will ensure your website is personalized. We can provide you with stock photographs to increase web visualization. Additionally, we can manipulate the color scheme within those photos to give your site authenticity

User Interface Design

Our User interface (UI) design will ensure that the interfaces in your browser displays your website without issues with a focus on looks and style. We aim to create web designs that users will find easy to use and pleasurable to interact with.


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