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Don’t chase web design trends for your business

Written by
Carlos Cerritos
Published on 
March 11, 2022
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Why do I say, don’t chase web design trends for your business? 

Following some web design trends might be damaging to a company's brand. While it may be tempting to utilize the most recent appearance, style, or function, it is possible that it is clearly inconsistent with what your customers truly require. It's easy to get caught up in the newest trends when it comes to developing elements for your website. They may look amazing, but they aren't necessarily the ideal option for your company. Some of these trends can become annoying to certain customers. Obviously, your website should be current and appealing, and an excellent design should stimulate your visitors. But be cautious: don't merely follow one trend after another! After all, meetings with a passionate following aren't always worth attending.

Here are five other reasons why I say don’t chase web design trends for your business:

  1. Web design isn’t always about looking pretty: Of course, your website should appear attractive, but many brands make the mistake of wanting to incorporate the current trendy style simply because everyone seems to like it. That's the problem: they're thinking of everyone, not just their intended audience. While their website may have the most up-to-date animated graphics to grab anyone's curiosity, they may not be providing the experience that their clients want or need. In web design, functions come first. What issues does the website need to address? What features do you require for the website to achieve its objectives? People will want to utilize your products or services if they are easy to use, but you must help them navigate to them easily and that can’t always be achieved, for example, with two amazing but different menus within the body of your website. Finally, if you have a beautiful website that confuses your users and causes them to leave after 10 seconds without filling out a form or purchasing something (whatever your purpose is), that page is a failure.
  1. You sacrifice functions for fashion: Websites are built to meet a certain requirement. Your website must attract visitors if you want to generate income. Your website needs to work for your audience, that is its main function. You'll need to produce text that converts if you want to attract visitors. A website is a tool for connecting with your target audience. They'll be more willing to purchase from you in the future if you can meet their needs. They'll search for someone who can if they can't get it from you. As a result, your business website must be appealing to the eye and simple to navigate. When you combine this with intriguing writing, you've got yourself a website that will serve you well. Chasing the latest trendy feature could hamper this. Stick to the fundamentals that your customers want, because they are the ones interacting with your brand, and using your website. For example, if you own a website selling DIY tools, and you decide to incorporate a popular layout designed for beauty websites, you risk alienating your customer base. Using a theme or a layout created for a different type of industry will cause you to use unnecessary elements that your website will not require.
  1. Your brand becomes confusing: For your customers, your brand must be consistent. Adding a new trendy design option to your brand style, such as your logo, color palette, graphics, and style, might radically change how your consumers see you. We have created a brief article that discusses how colors should be used on your website. An important aspect of your business is your brand personality and should be reflected on your website as well. Always consider what you’re trying to portray to your customers before making any changes to your website or introducing new concepts.
  1. Your SEO could suffer: Trends might be fun, but that new slideshow, or a video that autoplays could actually affect how you rank in the search engines. Your organic traffic gets reduced, and you might be missing out on potential customers. You should always try not to autoplay your videos as that can cause issues with your website speed as well. Another trend that may impact your SEO efforts is fixed navigation as it may not be supported on mobile devices. However, you can mitigate this negative effect by creating a different navigation for mobile devices.
  1. Trends always change: The issue with trends is that they change rapidly. To stay on top of every trend and avoid seeming out of date, you'd have to devote a significant amount of effort to doing so. Instead, focus on utility, create your brand, and pay attention to what your customers want! A way to keep up with ever-changing trends is to hire a professional web designer and developer to keep your website up to date and working smoothly.

In conclusion, it is better to have a website that's true to your organization's brand than one that is fashionable but inconsistent with your organization's brand. A brand is something that you just cannot afford to take shortcuts with. Design trends are often temporary and may not be appropriate for your business. If the particular feature is exactly what your organization requires, then choose to follow that particular design trend. Otherwise, try to build a brand around your company's core values. If you're truly considering going with a web design trend, make sure that you're not compromising your brand. 

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